Trust the feeling of thirst

Water in our body makes up two-thirds of our weight.

Water is very important in terms of transporting food and waste, regulating body temperature, regulating slipperiness in the joints and many chemical reactions in the body.

Our body is exposed to continuous loss of water through perspiration, urine and respiration.

It is important to drink a certain amount of water to prevent excessive loss and maintain fluid balance in the body.

Losing half of the water in the body has an immediate negative effect.

In such cases, if a person does not drink water, the condition worsens and can even lead to death.

Some believe that thirst is a sign of large water loss.

But experts say that it is enough to drink enough water to soothe this feeling, there is no need for more.

Because the mechanism for controlling water demand is one of the most perfect features of the organism that has evolved.

As soon as water loss begins in a healthy body, the brain immediately arouses the feeling of thirst, and thus water intake is ensured.

At the same time, the brain sends a message to the kidneys, increasing the condensation of urine and protecting the body's water.

In short, our body knows how much water it needs.

Because it is low in calories, water is the safest drink, but tea, coffee, and even alcohol can meet the body's water needs (although coffee has some diuretic properties).